Sundance Farm

Hanover Village, 1999 - present

Sundance FarmCreation and development of 170-acre farm adjacent to Hanover Village in Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. Incorporated designing and building a house, development of African-style infrastructure (including living without electricity for one year).

Established a cooperative land-grazing agreement with the neighboring village which required developing an intimate understanding of local customs and language as well as grassroots business practices. Also have made agreements with local residents for sharing of resources of wood.

Started an emu breeding project in 2007, raising 10 emus for future production of eggs to be incubated and sold. Presently employs one full time local worker and some joint ownership of future egg production with farm manager David Ngethu.

Provided upliftment for Sundance Farm manager Ngethu and his family through the Department of Land Affairs including; the transfer of 11 hectares of land, development of a seedling business with the Department of Agriculture, computer training for Mrs. Ngethu, providing information about banking procedures, (interest -bearing savings) family budgeting/bookkeeping and use of a sewing machine.
South Africa Education Project

Mullica Hill NJ, 1989 - 1991

Facilitated and organized a four year scholarship for a black South African student to study at Rowan University, Glassboro NJ with Mullica Hill Friends Meeting. The student completed a degree in town planning and returned to South Africa where she continues to work in community development.

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