Charlie, a 99 year old gambler and Bill, a family man and church organist, are lifelong friends in South Philadelphia.

Friends Bill and Charlie pass time together. Charlie is a bookie. Bill walks in the neighborhood with his great grandson. Bill greets granddaughter. Bill cares for Charlie. Bill plays organ at Charlie's funeral.

Kidney Transplant

Ten-year-old Maryann receives a kidney from her father.

Maryann has had kidney failure and will receive one from her father. Mother Ann performs dialysis at home. Maryann prays in church. Tests for transplant. Ready for transplant. Maryann and father after transplant.

Military Action in Persian Gulf 1990

American troops prepare  for war against Iraq in the Persian Gulf.

Leaving McGuire Air Base at dawn. C-130 crew at work on flight from McGuire Air Base. US troops arrive in Saudi Arabia. Troops set up water tanks over the showers on the American base in Dharahan. Signpost on US base. Digging bunkers near the Dharhan Air Strip.


Members of an Indian guru’s commune imported homeless street people from Philadelphia to increase their voting numbers in a local election.

Cult with urban homeless. Urban boy learns about farm. Guru with followers. Homeless mix with cult members. Guru security. Happy cult members.

Single Mother

Bev was a single mother of three who became a police officer to end her dependancy on welfare.

Harsh life. First communion. Acceptance letter. Happier life. Bev is sworn in. Police Officer Bev patrols the street in downtown Philadelphia.


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