Ubomi Magazine

UbomiEastern Cape Province, 1997 – 2003

Creator, editor, writer, photographer and designer of Ubomi, a non-profit AIDS-education  periodical produced for rural South Africans in the Eastern Cape Province.
Ubomi combined photographic documentaries of people affected by HIV/AIDS with information about the issues surrounding the illness and local services available to PWAs. Every issue contained factual information about HIV/AIDS.
Ubomi was produced in both English and Xhosa and distributed free of charge throughout the Eastern Cape Province.
Production averaged four issues per year.
Circulation averaged 50,000 copies per issue.
In 2001 the first  seven issues of Ubomi were reprinted with special educational inserts and sent to over 6,000 schools in the province for educational purposes.
Ubomi was well respected and widely used for educational purposes.

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