Employment History

Witsand Squatter Community, Cape Town, 2009
Written and photographic documentary of conditions and issues in the Witsand Squatter - Community and their determination to build 2200 solid environmentally sustainable houses themselves.
For educational purposes.
Still in progress.

Eastern Cape Province, 2003 - 2007
Produced written and photographic stories for AIDS education for residents of the Eastern Cape Province.
The stories combine photographic documentaries of people affected by HIV/AIDS with information about the issues surrounding the illness and local services available to them.
Produced series of HIV-related stories for the Natal Witness about Nozuko Ngcaweni, HIV activist from Umzimkulu. Documentation of Ms. Ngcaweni has covered over eight years of her experience in dealing with HIV. Her positive attitude has provided inspiration to many other affected by HIV.


Eastern Cape Province, 1997 – 2003
Creator, editor, writer, photographer and designer of Ubomi, a non-profit AIDS-education  periodical produced for rural South Africans in the Eastern Cape Province.
Ubomi combined photographic documentaries of people affected by HIV/AIDS with information about the issues surrounding the illness and local services available to PWAs. Every issue contained factual information about HIV/AIDS.
Ubomi was produced in both English and Xhosa and distributed free of charge throughout the Eastern Cape Province.
Production averaged four issues per year.
Circulation averaged 50,000 copies per issue.
In 2001 the first  seven issues of Ubomi were reprinted with special educational inserts and sent to over 6,000 schools in the province for educational purposes.
Ubomi was well respected and widely used for educational purposes.


Philadelphia, PA, USA, 1981 – 1997
Staff photographer.
Job included photographic coverage of breaking news, sports, features, business, and long-term documentary projects. Initiated numerous local stories and documentaries including stories about homelessness, single mothers, aging, kidney transplant, racehorse breeding, religious cults, military preparations for the 1990 war in the Persian Gulf.


Cape Town and Transkei, South Africa, 1988 - 1997
A documentary of photographs and written stories about the non-violent community-based contributions of the residents of several South African communities to the struggle for liberation from apartheid. Trips to South Africa, annual from 1988 through 1997 for this purpose were funded by various foundations.


Eastern Cape Province, South Africa, 1995 – 2007
Research and documentation of the spread of HIV/AIDS in rural South African communities which led to the development and production of Ubomi Magazine, a non-profit publication that used photographic stories to educate residents of rural communities about HIV/AIDS.
In April 2006 organised a trip to the United States for Nozuko Ngcaweni to participate in the opening of an exhibition of South African photographs at Texas State University. Gave five joint presentations with Ngcaweni about the HIV/AIDS issue in South Africa.

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